Paying it Forward

Curating Branding Experiences for PIF.VC

Brand Designer & Strategist
3 Months

Paying It Forward to humanity by enabling ideas to reach new frontiers.


Pay It Forward is a unique firm driven by purpose and principle. As an organization that creates extensive opportunities and serves as a source of rapid change and success for its investments, we are developing an action plan that reflects its significance in these areas. Our specific goal is to attract interest to the humanitarian achievements that have been realized due to the investment success as a top decile portfolio.


Our objective for this project was to develop a comprehensive branding experience for Pay It Forward (PIF), which encompasses both the creation of a distinctive logo and the development of a brand identity centered around this logo. The aim was to ensure that the logo encapsulates the core values and mission of PIF, serving as a visual anchor for all brand communications. The branding strategy is designed to reflect how the logo symbolizes PIF's commitment to creating positive change and fostering opportunities, thereby enhancing the organization's impact and recognition in the community.

Understanding the Process
  • Understand the Problem
  • Defining Mission Statement
  • Creating Brand Values
  • Defining Vision Statement
  • Logo Ideation
  • Colour Theory
  • Typography
  • Art Direction
Tools & Technologies
Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Figma After After Effects

By seamlessly integrating the concept of "Paying it Forward" into the PIF brand through a thoughtfully designed arrow in the logo, we've not only created a visually striking and versatile symbol but also established a powerful connection between the company and its commitment to positive impact, setting the stage for a compelling and purpose-driven brand presence on the website.