BMW Group

Shifting Gears for Gen Z: BMW's Metaverse Innovation

Design Research Lead
3 Months

Crafting a Digital Domain to Captivate Gen Z for BMW

BMW's venture into the metaverse is not just about embracing digital transformation; it's specifically tailored to resonate with Generation Z. Recognizing Gen Z's affinity for digital innovation, social connectivity, and personalized experiences, BMW aims to revolutionize the car-buying journey in the Metaverse. The focus is on creating an environment that appeals to the tech-savvy, experience-driven preferences of Gen Z, combining the thrill of exploring and customizing premium cars with the social and interactive aspects that this generation values. This strategic move positions BMW not only at the forefront of automotive digital experiences but also as a brand that understands and caters to the evolving desires of younger, digitally-native consumers.

Ari Cookson, Asna Naseem, Disha Shah, Jake Ji, Josh Kolkin, Martin Liscano, Matt Peters, Megan Geer, Meghana Rajakumar, Mela Wang, Milena Abad, Muskaan Maini, Phaniteja Koti, Sai Deepak Anninti, Xier Che.
Understanding the Process

Defining Problem Statement

Secondary Research

In-Depth Interviews

Data Coding

Data Affinitization

Rendering 3D Spaces

Financial Model

Curating Research Framework

Defining Key Features

Tools & Technologies
Figma FigJam Unreal Engine Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator

Collaboration in the Digital Age: Team Synergy

Working on this project highlighted the importance of effective team collaboration, especially in a digital setting. My contribution involved actively participating in group discussions and decision-making, ensuring that each member's voice was heard and valued. This experience taught me the significance of diverse perspectives and the power of collective brainstorming to achieve innovative solutions.

Adapting to New Technologies: My Learning Curve

My involvement in this project was a journey of adapting to and learning new technologies related to the Metaverse. I contributed by embracing these technologies, experimenting with different tools and techniques, and applying them creatively to our project objectives. This experience underscored the importance of staying adaptable and continuously learning in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Empathy in Design: Understanding User Needs

A key takeaway from this project was the importance of empathy in design. My role involved focusing on understanding the needs and preferences of Gen Z users, which guided our design decisions. This taught me that effective design is not just about aesthetics or functionality but also about deeply understanding and addressing the user's experience and expectations.