Consilience Group

Revitalizing Consilience: Transformative Strategies for Revenue Growth

Ux Researcher
3 Months


Consilience Group LLC is a women-owned, mission-driven consulting organization based in Memphis, Tennessee, that specializes in organizational transformation and provides equitable people-centered services to clients across sectors, systems, and organizations. They primarily deliver their services through public, non-profit, and philanthropic organizations across social sectors at local, state, and national levels. The firm aims to expand its reach and drive revenue growth by acquiring larger long-term contracts. Our objective as consultants for the company within approximately three months was to develop strategies that drive revenue growth by enhancing their branding and marketing strategies, revamping their social media approach, and exploring the development of a membership-oriented platform or toolkit.

With the Brand Diagnostic Workshop, we helped Consilience reaffirm its brand identity, reveal problem areas and identify future directions for the organization. The Co-creation Workshop, which was designed on the basis of the findings and insights extracted from the brand diagnostic workshop, aided in the development of concrete directions and strategies for the organization. The workshops helped prioritize the strategies for the three categories as well as ideate actionable interventions that were geared towards achieving the primary objective of driving revenue growth for the company.

Problem Statement

How do we envision growing the Consilience Group by expanding its brand, marketing, social media presence, and a (yet-to-be) designed platform/toolkit while adhering to the core principles of its ethos?
Understanding the Process

Conducted Secondary Research

Benchmark Analysis

Co-Creation Workshop

Value Proposition Canvas

Understanding Brand DNA

Blue Ocean Strategy

Strategic Action Plan Activity

Sensory Cue

Six Thinking Hats

Bull's Eye Strategy

Platform Toolkit

Social Media Marketing

Tools & Technologies

Insightful Collaboration:

The co-creation & brand diagnostic workshop fostered insightful collaboration with clients, allowing for a deeper understanding of their brand and goals.

Limited Stakeholders:

In certain instances, the workshop lacked representation from all relevant stakeholders, impacting the comprehensiveness of insights gathered.

Extended Duration:

Considering an extended duration for the workshop or breaking it down into manageable sessions can alleviate time constraints and allow for more in-depth discussions

Enhanced Communication:

Implementing more robust communication protocols, including regular check-ins and clarification sessions, can minimize misunderstandings and ensure alignment with the client.