Crafting the Canvas of Stories with Inkstory

Interaction Designer
3 Months

Dive into the world of Tattoos and get motivated

To create a web design for a publication that posts 4-6 stories per week about various tattoo events, tattoo workshops, and blogs about different tattoo stories. The goal is to create one “long form” story every week and a CMS template for stories every day. As the sole designer, I was responsible for designing the UI, UX, rendering layouts, and creating amazing experiences. I had the opportunity to work with our supervisor, Anton Repponen, who guided us by giving valuable feedback. I created frameworks and prototypes to share the vision, design principles, and content strategy. This helped to conceptualize ideas, gain alignment, and drive decision-making.

Understanding the Process

Secondary Research

Understanding Type

Color Theory

Building Design System

Layout Setup

Building MVP Page

Art Direction

Tools & Technologies

- Try to narrow down your scope sooner rather than later.

- Focus on the MVP (minimum viable product) as your end result.

- Working with design systems helps keep everything consistent throughout the projects.

- Implementing feedback given by the supervisors helps a ton while saving a lot of time and effort.