Hyundai HMGMA

Hyundai HMGMA Branding Design Challenge

Project Manager
1 Week

Harmonizing Nature and Luxury: Visionary Approach for the Hyundai HMGMA Design Challenge

In the Hyundai HMGMA Design Challenge, our team was tasked with creating an art direction for Hyundai's new plant near Savannah. We focused on blending different elements of nature, highlighting the 'metapros' – the people who work at Hyundai. Our goal was to encapsulate sustainability, simplicity, and modernity while maintaining the brand's luxurious feel. This design was specifically targeted at a VIP audience. We participated in this challenge and our team, named "Iron Fleets," proudly received the second prize for our innovative and thoughtful approach to the challenge.

Understanding the Process

Secondary Research

Ideations & Prototypes

Design Mockups

Art Direction

Tools & Technologies

Building Bridges: The Power of Networking in Design

Networking played a crucial role in our success at the Hyundai HMGMA Design Challenge. By connecting with industry professionals, mentors, and fellow designers, we gained invaluable insights and perspectives that significantly influenced our project. These interactions not only enriched our understanding of design principles but also opened doors to future collaborations and opportunities.

Green Innovation: Embracing Sustainability in Design

Our focus on sustainability was not just a requirement; it became a core philosophy of our design process. Integrating eco-friendly practices and materials demonstrated our commitment to environmental responsibility. This approach resonated well with the current global emphasis on sustainability, highlighting the importance and feasibility of incorporating green solutions in modern design, especially for a brand like Hyundai that values innovation and eco-consciousness.

Feedback as a Catalyst: Learning and Growing Through Critiques

The feedback we received throughout the competition was instrumental in refining our design. Constructive criticism from judges, peers, and industry experts provided us with different perspectives, helping us to identify areas for improvement. This process of receiving and acting on feedback was a powerful learning experience, underscoring the importance of open-mindedness and adaptability in creative endeavors.